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VividPx Events

by Lucian & Dora


   We are Lucian & Dora, thank you for taking time visiting our page.

   Here you can get some info about our work and get to know us better.

   We live together in Budapest, always exploring new opportunities in photography mostly in Europe area: we speak English, Spanish, Italian, Romanian & Hungarian so for international events we are your perfect team.

   Besides engagement & weddings, we love to capture Family sessions, Mother-to-be sessions, we are also dealing with Airbnb portfolios, Company events, Conferences, private studio photo-shootings and Product photography.

   We both love traveling, to interact and make connections with new people and most of all we love to make people feel happy through our creativity.

   When it`s about photography, we both give all our best to get the most amazing experience for our couples: getting to know each-other, creating the photo shooting plan together, preparing a personalized creative plan and of course to capture the essence of your Big Day.

   If you want to have amazing moments captured on camera that you have imagined a hundred times before, let`s talk and accomplish that together.

   Check out the VividPx portfolio, prices & packages and contact us today!

        See you soon !



VividPx byLucian



   VividPx started out as a small personal project of mine some years ago as I liked very much to paint and to draw, but I slowly started to get drawn into photography, discovered my dad`s black and white camera Smena.

   I was fascinated of it and how it looks like but I didn`t know how to make it work. Later on, my uncle had this color film camera and he was taking it to every trip and I got to try it out every time as well as the video camera that he had

   My first personal camera was a phone actually, a Nokia 7210 Supernova, I remember exactly how it looks like, a 2mp camera, small phone, but I loved to take photos with it, I had a memory card full of photos and I was uploading them into my computer.

   Years have passed and throughout my journey I had the chance to change my phones and with this, also my skills got a lot better and I got to the point where I bought my first DSLR which I still own, a Canon 700D with the kit lens. I didn`t know how to use the Manual mode, but I was so fascinated about it, that I started checking Youtube videos, reviews and later on I also signed up for an Accredited Photographer/Editor course which I finalized successfully in 2016.

   I started out a Facebook page and also a website which I slowly grew with my friends help, my family supported me, but lastly my girlfriend with whom I started out this job.




   Ever since we know eachother and VividPx has been estabilished I was always in the background arranging photo shootings, talking to our couples or partners and more and more often even being challenged as a second photographer of the team.

   I`m more focused on the business part of our activities, brainstorming about new ideas and future strategies & engaging partners: if you contact us, most likely you`ll end up talking to me.


   I love meeting with future clients and build up together the plan which this way is 100% personalized to your needs.

   Besides these I`m always present at the photo shootings, making sure we make the most out of it according to the plan and also ensuring your comfort through the whole experience.

   I love organizing these from scratch and see the beautiful results.

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